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4 Ways to Recover Forgotten IRCTC Username and Password

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(Updated on June 2019) As we know that is the most visited traveling site in India and it has over 25 million active user's. But sometimes the user may face the issue of forgetting Username and Password of IRCTC, once in their lifetime. Now here's the article in which we go through on How to Reset IRCTC Forgot User ID and Password.

How to Recover IRCTC Forgot User ID and Password

How to Recover Forgotten IRCTC Login ID and Password

Recover IRCTC Forgot Username

Don't worry, if you have forgotten your IRCTC Login ID unless you know your email ID, that you have provided while registering.

Method 1 - Recovering IRCTC Username with Registered Mail ID:

  1. Login to your registered mail account that you gave while registering with IRCTC. 
  2. On the search bar, search for keywords ‘IRCTC’ or ‘ticketadmin.’
  3. Now from the list of results, select the mail that you got confirming your registration from IRCTC. 
  4. The mail would look similar to the following image.
How to Recover Forgotten IRCTC Login ID and Password

Note: If your account is not active for about 6 months or more, than IRCTC officials may disable your account. In such case, next best option will be to register for a new account.

Method 2 - Recovering IRCTC Username through Customer Care:

  1. To recover your user ID when you don’t remember your mail or if have deleted your mail, send a mail to .
  2. They will send you ticket code in response to your mail.
  3. You can either call them by customer care number to tell ticket code, or you can mail them mentioning your ticket code.
  4. You’ll receive your user ID within 24 hours of contact. Now, as you have user ID roll up your sleeves to recover your password.

IRCTC Forgot Password Recovery

In this information-loaded world, it's prevalent to forget passwords. Don't worry though, now-a-days every site has a process to recover the password. IRCTC do also have one.

Method 1 - Recovering Forgotten IRCTC Password using Registered Mobile Number:

  1. Visit  IRCTC Login Page.
  2. Click on " Forgot Password" link beside password field. 
  3. Enter your username and captcha. Now hit the "Fetch Details" button to proceed to next step. If you don't remember the username, try the steps mentioned above to recover your user ID.
    "recovering username."
  4. If your user ID is valid and it still exists in IRCTC's Database, then you will be directed to the password recovery page.
  5. As we are at the password recovery page, you need the mobile number which was used while registering with IRCTC for recovering password. Even if you have multiple mobile numbers, there is no need for worry unless the number you registered with IRCTC is active.
  6. Enter OTP which is sent to your registered mobile number. 
  7. Now fill in "New Password," confirm new password by re-entering it in the "Confirm Password" field. To avoid forgetting, use a memorable password.
  8. Finally enter the captcha (if you are unable to find captcha, hit refresh link beside captcha field.) and click submit. Remember that captcha is case-sensitive. 

Method 2 - Recovering Forgotten IRCTC Password through Customer Care Service:

  1. Try to contact customer care. Use it as the last call, if nothing mentioned above works.
  2. You can mail IRCTC at , or you call them on 011-39340000, 011-23340000.

Note: For complete information on customer care, visit IRCTC Customer Care Toll-Free Number, Email Support & Office Address

^If you have any questions or queries after thoroughly going through the How to Recover Forgotten IRCTC Login ID and Password article, you can leave them in the comments section below, and they will be answered with the best information available.


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