Indian Railway Seat Availability

Those days are gone when we had wait in long queues and rush to railway station multiple times to know the details of train seat availability. In past passengers need to visit the enquiry corner so as to collect the detailed information about the desired train. But today's situations has been changed and we can get complete information regarding IRCTC seat availability just sitting at your place.

Indian Railway Seat Availability

It was possible because with the launch of Indian railways official website. As it offers all the facilities online, the journey of passengers become more comfortable and easier.It is very simple to check railway seats availability online. Just follow the steps below to get the detailed information about the various seats available in different routes.

How To Check Indian Railways Seat Availability

1. In the above seat availability page, first you need to provide the details like name of the originating station and destination station.
For example - if the origination station is Chennai, enter “Che” against source station name and if the destination station is Bangalore, enter “Ban” against destination station name.
2. After providing the station names, now we have to give your date of journey.
3. Now select the class in which you want to travel. If you choose "All Class" then seats availability in all the classes will be shown.
4. After selecting the options, now click on "Get Details" button which will provide the list of all the available trains for your given destinations.
5. From the provided list you need to select the train which you want to travel and then click on "Check Status" button. It will show the information regarding the preferred seat availability.

After completion of these steps you will easily be able to check the railway seats availability for the desired train on specific date and given destination. So, with this online facilities we can easily check the seat availability on IRCTC, book your train tickets, check train schedule and cost of tickets. We may also cancel the tickets online if it is needed.

Thank you for reading the article - Indian Railway Seat Availability. If you have any question or queries after going through the article, you can leave them in the comments section below and they will be answered with the best information available.


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