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How to Book IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Faster

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 Book IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Faster

As per the comScore and ASSOCHAM India report, IRCTC is the most popular travelling E-commerce website in the country that makes of highest transactions share in the travel category.

But Booking a Tatkal ticket is a biggest problematic task, even though IRCTC is putting the best attempts to make the process easy for the travellers throughout the country by its website and SMS system.

As we know that, there are about 12 million visitors in a month for IRCTC and most of them are active between 10 AM to 12 PM and it is the one out of the five online clients in your country. IRCTC offers booking for Tatkal tickets among this time for those with a minute ago venture plans.

How to Book IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Faster

Here are the few tips and tricks to help you get declared Tatkal ticket quicker.

Tatkal or a minute ago web booking page opens day in advance of time of your travel between 10 AM and 12 AM. You can only book 'Two Tatkal' tickets using one clinet ID. So if you want to book more than two tickets, you need login to IRCTC  using another client ID.

Login to the IRCTC reservation page at around 10 AM. As there will be a lot of other person trying to login into the site, you have to be faster at this point. It better to use different programs to log in, as there will be any chances of your time is linked with the server time of IRCTC website.

After logging in to the site, you should be active throughout the session. If you are not active for more than 3 minutes then the session will be closed. Therefore be careful with that. So keep all the detail with you, avoiding last minute rush. Whatever you do keep in mind that you should not be inactive for more than 3 minutes.

Ok, on logging into the site start by picking the beginning and end stage of your journey. After selecting this, you will get a list of trains on run through the route. As now , pick the train that you want to travel. Next step is with entering the identity details and don't forget to keep a of that details with you, which you will need to prove your identity.

The IRCTC highly encourages Tatkal booking, so must be aware of that your are clicking single click. Don’t delete catch as this will log you off and you will have to restart the whole system.

Note these steps to make sure you have done it right.

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  1. Thank you this guideline will help me a lot for booking of tatkal tickets..this is very easy way that you are providing here..