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8 Best IRCTC Tips and Tricks to Book Tickets Easily

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8 Best IRCTC Tips and Tricks to Book Tickets Easily

We provide you a list of IRCTC Guidelines for simple and as well as secure ticket booking or making your reservation, of Train tickets on the internet. These include a bunch of IRCTC Tips and tricks with regard to Tatkal Ticket booking along with common ticket booking. First understand IRCTC better and in addition many of us will be successfully in ticket booking each time, we sign in to IRCTC.

8 Best IRCTC Tips and Tricks to Book Tickets Easily

8 Best IRCTC Tips and Tricks to Book Tickets Easily:

  1. In case you are still in waiting list on your normal ticket and also question yourself what are the possibilities to acquire ticket, then just go to “”, to check the possibilities of getting you berth confirmed by entering PNR. As this website keeps a record of the initial and final status of waitlisted tickets, the number of days between the two and shows it in the form of a percentages. You can also enter your own PNR number to determine the chances.
  2. If you’re planning your trip in advance and want to when ticket booking will start, just visit “” and enter your date of journey. Then you find the list of results display on your screen regarding, when you can book your ticket. Unfortunately there is a new rule that we can book tickets only 4 months before (i.e., 120 day ahead).
  3. It’s better always to have multiple browser on your computer and login to IRCTC by using all of these browsers using different ID. This will raise the chances of booking a ticket, especially in case of Tatkal tickets. You can’t use same ID to login at the same time in different browses. Therefore along with your one ID, get some of other ID from your friends or relatives.
  4. If you want to check live status of a running train, just go to “”
  5. You can check average delay time of a train in last one month, by just going to “”. This is very useful because it helps you to plan your trip ahead.
  6. Log on to IRCTC web page and Go to – My Profile and choose the Master List. That will be the master list of passengers.  You are able to enter every one of the traveller details right here and can include all at once or choose passengers simply while booking.
  7. Always make sure to have original ID card with (minimum one), it is necessary to provide your ID in both tatkal and normal ticket booking. Any one person needs to submit the details of her/ his ID proof, while booking the tatkal ticket and have to travel and should show that ID proof, otherwise all the passengers thought to be as without having ticket.
  8. Now individuals who are in waitlist, can convert their railway tickets into a flight ticket. As IRCTC is linked up with some budget flight operators, as on the day of the train journey or the day after that, lets you convert your waitlisted ticket into an airline ticket. According to IRCTC, the service will be priced up to 30-40 percent low cost than regular flights. But it is only applies to tickets booked at least 3 days earlier to the date of journey

This are the some of the Important IRCTC Tips and Tricks, by using this guidelines you book the railway tickets easily.

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