Tips for first-time train riders

IRTC Log In: Tips for first-time train riders

Trains are some of the most important modes of transportation in many countries around the world. Each place has its unique appearance of trains depending on how they got used to building and riding them. Most trains are made of metal and steel which are far different from the wood ones that many countries got used to.

Regardless of their differences, all trains have the same purpose: to transport people from place to place. Wherever you need to go, there will be an available train ride you can book. Here at IRTC Log In, it is our goal to give you the best transportation experience you can find. So you don’t have to look anywhere else because our railway company is here to serve you. 

If you’re a first-time train rider, it’s important to note a few things about riding the train. Fortunately, here at IRTC Log In, we have provided a list of tips to help you have a safe journey. With that said, here are some of the tips you should remember:

Arrive early 

The first thing that you should remember if you’re planning to ride a train is to arrive early at the train station. This is because once the train leaves, you have no other choice but to take the next train. It will not wait for you to arrive since trains follow a schedule to prevent delays and keep the travels moving. Little change from the usual schedule will alter everything that the passengers and staff got used to. Some instances include accidents along the railway and broken engines.

To prevent any delays on your plans, make sure you arrive at the train station earlier than usual and book the schedule that will give you enough time to prepare and commute to the station. Make sure you have your ticket with you because the staff will check it when you enter the train and while travelling to your destination. 

Check excess baggage 

Some train stations only allow two carry-on bags per passenger and two small bags that go to the overhead bins. However, this will depend on the train station you booked since some stations allow more than two bags per passenger given that some will have to travel to far places. Additionally, if you go beyond the required number of bags, you’ll need to pay an additional fee depending on the price set by the train station.

Make sure all your bags have labels and names to prevent them from falling into the hands of other people who have identical bags as yours. You can choose to put a luggage tag or personalize the bags so you can easily spot them when you see them.

If you can, it’s ideal to bring only several bags that you can carry with your two hands. This will help you have easier and hassle-free travel instead of having to worry about whether or not your bags are still on the train and not somewhere else.

Be comfortable   

When you ride a train, make sure to sit somewhere comfortable especially if you’ll be travelling for a long period. It’s always a good idea to travel comfortably, so it’s recommended to wear stretchy clothes that will easily follow your form no matter what sitting position you’re in. In terms of footwear, it’s better to choose walking shoes or any closed footwear that will protect your feet the moment you walk out of the house.

In addition to comfortable clothes and footwear, a lot of passengers also bring a pillow, specifically a neck pillow and a blanket to make themselves more comfortable. They can sleep and even read a book while travelling to their destination cosily. Some trains also have cold air conditioning, so it’s recommended you bring a jacket with you to stay warm. 

Stand up and move around  

You’ll be surprised with what you’ll find when you move around the train while you’re on your way to your destination. Go to the restroom and freshen up. You can even go from cabin to cabin to see what you’ll find. With this, you’ll meet other people and might even see familiar faces, allowing you to catch up with one another.

If you want a change of scenery, you can visit the observation car for panoramic views and even eat snacks while doing so. With the number of activities to do while riding the train, you’ll find yourself already arriving at your destination. 

Get a good night sleep 

As stated earlier, you can choose to sleep throughout the ride to your destination. Compared to standard train and aeroplane seats, you can book coach seats that turn from a regular seat to a bed. This way, you have the opportunity to get a good night sleep while travelling to your destination. If you didn’t get enough sleep because you prepared your stuff, this is the perfect chance to get some shuteye. 

However, if you’ll be travelling for more than one night, a lot of travellers recommend upgrading to a room with a full-size bed to help you sleep better. 

Charge your camera

It’s always a good idea to document your adventures, so what better way to start the moment you set foot on the train? Capture the best moments and enjoy taking pictures of the scenery to help remind you of your adventures. Keep your camera close to you so you can easily bring it out and document your journey. 

If you’re with your family, this is the chance to bond with them and create memories you’ll remember for a long time. Apart from taking pictures, you can also choose to take videos so you can edit them and turn them into a whole music video-like clip when you add music. 

Bring snacks  

Prepare some snacks the day before you board the train so you’ll have something to eat while travelling. Since there won’t be any stopovers to train stations, it’s ideal to have snacks with you so when you get hungry, you can easily take them out and eat. Almost all train stations allow their passengers to bring snacks during their travels to consume something while on their way to their destination. 

Additionally, some trains also come with a mini pantry so you can purchase any snacks and beverages you want. However, you need to check the prices first since some trains offer snacks that double their usual price. If you don’t want to spend money while riding the train, it’s better to bring snacks and beverages with you. This will help you save money and enjoy your journey at the same time since you won’t be worrying about your expenses. 


Riding the train is the best time to catch up with your family or friends, read a book or even start a hobby like knitting. However, if you’ll need your gadget to access your ebook app or even watch videos, make sure to bring your chargers with you so you can recharge and use your devices whenever you want. 

Additionally, if you want to steer clear of technology, you can bring card games so you can play with your kids and companions. Not only will strengthen your bond but also make everything fun and new. 

Download apps

Before leaving your home, make sure you have all the necessary apps you need on your phone. These can be the maps or transportation apps to help you navigate around your destination and avoid getting lost along the way. If you’re planning to unplug throughout the trip, make sure you have a backup so you wouldn’t be bored. You can download movies, videos, music and even novels to keep entertained. 

Doing this will come in handy especially once the sun sets and you have nothing else to do outside. If you have children with you, this is the perfect opportunity to take away their gadgets and focus on the real world. 

Create a checklist 

To make sure you won’t be forgetting anything, it’s ideal to create a checklist containing all the things you plan to bring on the trip. One of the most stressful aspects to experience during a trip is forgetting certain items. To prevent this from happening, you should list down all the things you’re planning to bring with you in advance. Tick each item one by one as you’re putting it in the bag. This way, you’ll become more organized and spotting the missing items will become easier.

Additionally, don’t forget to bring important items such as your identification, tickets, personal care items and more. 

Only pack what you can carry  

If you’ll be travelling alone, it’s better to pack things you can carry. Going beyond what you can carry will most likely result in leaving your belongings accidentally and experiencing a difficult travelling experience. If you’ll be sleeping on the train, bring light clothes and limit your footwear to up to three pairs of shoes.

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